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Michelle beisner dating stuart scott

Beisner also served as host of Fantasy LIVE alongside Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank and Dave Dameshek.

Sometimes doctors will remove all organs surrounding the appendix, a procedure known as debulking surgery, to prevent the cancer from returning.

This is typically recommended for patients in the later stage of the disease.

The appendix is a small tube-shaped organ that measures about four inches and is attached to the intestines.

Because the appendix is attached the colon it is classified as a type of colorectal cancer. According to data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results database program of the National Cancer Institute, incidence rates of this type of cancer have doubled since the mid-1990s, but this may be due to improved detection and earlier diagnosis of patients.

According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, 85 percent of patients with carcinoid tumors of the appendix have a five-year survival rate.

The prognosis of a patient depends largely on the size of the tumor, as well as whether the cancer has spread.

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